Colette Deblé

Colette Deblé: Femme dessinée

I have long been friends with the French artist Colette Deblé and we have been united for many years in an endeavor which in 1994 Colette Deblé described thus: “My project is the attempt to reflect on the different representation of women from ancient history till today, in order to enable a visual analysis of different attitudes, situations, and performances. In contrast to the literary quotation a visual quotation cannot be literal, because it depends on the hand and the individual style of the person who is quoting. From this results a slight quiver and movement which refers in equal measures to the quoted work as well as to the person doing the quoting. My project explores this slight quiver and movement, because it is based on an extremely long-term use of quotations and its ultimate fading.” (Jean-Joseph Goux / Colette Deblé, Femmes dessinées, 1994, translation: Gesa Stedman)

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